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About us:

- We are Arab Agricultural Production Company Ltd. (Arabagri) founded in 2015, but actually it start in 1988, as an farm for producing vegetables & fruits. at 2000 as an agent and Distributors for Agrochemical, Public Health Pest Control and Ayurvedic Cosmetics.

- Arabagri is joint venture between:
1. Agriculture & Development Company (AgriDev). established 2000
2. Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC). established 2005
3. Egychem Trade Company. established 2010
4. Agrogate. established 2012

Our Services

- Import :
Household Pesticides.

- Export :
Fresh Vegetables.
Fresh Fruits.
Road Salt.

- Greenhouses & Land reclamation.

- Technical support.

- Consultancy.


Become the leader in the agribusiness sector and to be recognized as a provider of sustainable ‎services and top quality. By providing excellent service to our customers and have a first class team to pace ‎the agribusiness sector in the world.‎


Compliance with local and international standards, propel farming’s future, focus on customer service and customer requirements, teamwork and convergence of efforts based on a culture of continuous improvement.


Every day, we put our principles into practice to meeting the needs of our customers and providing our products seeking harmony with customers and the environment.